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Indoor Cycling


Expert Fitness Health Club features Schwinn Indoor Cycling in a uniquely shaped studio acoustically designed for indoor cycling.  Members may participate at NO additional cost.  Our Indoor Cycling program is the largest in the Western Massachusetts area with 26 bikes and 19 classes each week.  All instructors are certified Johnny G Spinning Instructors through Mad Dogg Athletics. 

Cycling, or spinning, is an indoor stationary bike workout popular around the world. Cycling is a fitness journey that combines the cardio-pumping energy of a cycle race with the mental imagery of “taking it to the road.”

The cycling instructor will take your class through a virtual mind trip on wheels. This workout welcomes new members and challenges seasoned athletes. Cycling is a training platform for regular sporting activity and a new exciting exercise that compliments current cross training programs. It is a fun, challenging and addictive workout that appeals to both men and women.

Cycling is a non-impact program specifically designed to work your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Each rider works out at their own pace while making the journey as a group. As the rider, you adjust the intensity of the class with the resistance control located on each bike. The rider chooses his or her own training direction, from losing weight and getting in shape to specific performance goals for runners, cyclists, rowers or triathletes.


·         There is NO fee for members, but sign-up is REQUIRED to reserve a bike. 

·          Bring a water bottle, towel, bike shorts or gel seat, and cross-trainers or SPD compatible cycling shoes. 

·         Please be considerate of others and call to cancel if you cannot make the class. If you do not call to cancel your spot you will be charged a $5 NO SHOW fee. 

·         If you are signed up for a class but not on your bike once the class begins, someone who is on the waiting list may take your spot in the class. 

·         Please arrive to class 5 minutes early to set up your bikes, 15 minutes on the day of your first class.  

·         Sign-up can be done on-line beginning Thursdays at 7:00 am.  On-line sign-ups end on Fridays at 7:00 am.   Sign-up in person or on the phone on Saturdays beginning at 7:00 am. 

·         Any class that has 10 OR LESS people signed up 6 hours prior to the start of class will be cancelled.