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30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program Registration

The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss
Exercise and Meal Plan Program

ATTENTION: Do You Want To Make 2009 The Year You Finally Lose The Weight You Have Been Trying So Desperately To Lose?

The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program is the Answer you have been looking for!

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in finally reaching your weight loss goals once and for all then this is the program that will change your life!  This is the program that is finally going to help you lose the weight and most importantly KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

Here’s Why:

The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program has been researched and created with the intention of providing you with a realistic exercise program, with a realistic meal plan and with the Ultimate in Weight Loss Support. It is the most sure proof program available today!  This is the last program you will ever need to use.   Look anyone can help you lose weight – losing weight is the easy part – Keeping that weight off is where the real battle begins!


“David has lost a total of 124 pounds”

In 8 Months!

When I first came to Expert Fitness I could not even make it up a flight of stairs without having to stop to take a rest!  Today 8 months later I am proud to say that I am 124 pounds lighter and in the best shape of my life.  I never could have gotten to where I am if it wasn’t for “The Ultimate Weight Loss Program”



“I lost 8 pounds…in two weeks”

Wow! I am not kidding when I say that “The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Program” has gotten me amazing results in just 2 weeks.  The exercise program is unbelievable and the meal plan program with recipes is so easy to follow and so simple.  I eat 6 times per day and am NEVER hungry!



“The Ultimate Weight Loss Training methods are AMAZING”

I have tried every workout program out there and as a former athlete consider myself to be in pretty decent shape.  I have to say the “The 30 Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise Program” kicks my butt every time I go to the club!

Jim – former football and rugby player

The Philosophy Behind The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Through 23 years of experience in the Fitness and Physical Therapy Industry and 16 years of Higher Education teaching we have come to witness first hand the following common practices that have been preventing people from reaching their Ultimate Weight Loss Goals.

Mistake # 1

“Using Long, slow Cardio For Fat Loss Method”

Are you a member of a club?  Just look around on a Monday night and what area of your club is the busiest?  We can guarantee it is the Cardio Section or the Cardio Classes. Let us tell you Cardio IS NOT THE WAY to go if you want to lose FAT!  Well not all types of cardio but long, slow and very boring cardio is absolutely, positively not the way.  Not only has research proved that interval training is the ultimate cardio for fat loss success, but the risk of over use injuries related to long cardio is extremely high.  With the 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program you get 4 Fat Blasting Interval Programs – a new program every week for 4 weeks!

Mistake # 2

“Doing Crunches To Try To Get Six Pack Abs”

Again, if you are a member of a club and your club offers “abs classes”  I guarantee that these classes are absolutely jam packed.  Every single piece of research out there has shown that you can’t get a six pack by doing endless crunches. Actually, doing endless amount of core exercises won’t even get you that six pack. Interval training and Metabolic Conditioning Exercises have been PROVEN to burn belly fat faster then any other fat loss methods.  With the 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program you get 8 Metabolic Conditioning Workouts that will totally ramp up your metabolism for hours after you have finished working out!

Mistake # 3

“Using Diets To Lose Weight”

Are you one of those that has tried every diet out there? Maybe you initially got some results but have since either gained back the weight or even MORE?  Why did you gain that weight back and why are you following that diet or some diet again?   Because somewhere in the back of your mind your “remember” when you went on that diet and lost all that weight – and your mind tells you to “go back on it again”.   Well if it really worked – you wouldn’t need to “go back on it again’ That’s why the 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Meal Plan Program is so effective – IT IS NOT A DIET!  It is designed to help you lose FAT weight NOT muscle weight and to help you once and for all keep that weight off for the rest of your life.   This meal plan is designed to work for the long term.

Mistake # 4

“Working out 7 Days A Week and Thinking That More Is Better”

MORE IS NOT BETTER.  Get this in your head.  This program is about QUALITY OF EFFORT NOT QUANTITY.  First of all, that’s just ridiculous to spend countless hours  trying to lose weight and second of all you will increase your risk of overtraining and injury.  With The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise Program you only have to workout 3-4 times a week and for less then 45 minutes each time. This doesn’t have to be so hard, you just have to be smart about it.

Mistake # 5

“Light Weight, Hip Rep Schemes Work For Fat Loss”

This is not the right way to do.  STOP WASTING YOUR TIME!  If the light weight, high repetition philosophy worked then we’d all be fit because that’s what we do all day. Why do you keep doing the same workout over and over again expect to get the different results?  Doing the same – gets you the same!   The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise Program gives you 8 New Fat Blasting Workouts Each Month and 4 New Fat Burning Cardio Workouts each month.  You get a description of every exercise, a picture of every exercise and a video of every exercise to make sure you are performing the routines safely, efficiently and effectively!

WAIT, THERE’S EVEN MORE IF YOU ACT TODAY – Because we want to make sure that you absolutely lose that weight that you have been trying to lose and we want you to KEEP THAT WEIGHT OFF,


That’s right sign up today and get:

60 Days of “Ultimate Weight Loss” Meals Plans

16 Fat Blasting Workouts with videos, pictures, descriptions

8 Fat Burning Interval Training Programs

8 Weeks of tips, menus, and articles in our “Fitness, Health and Weight Loss Newsletter”

24 /7 email support to help you along the way!


Yes we know it is but we are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals while allowing you to take advantage of this special introductory offer.



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Just $29.99 for 2 Months

PS – Remember that on Sunday February 1, 2009 the price is going to go jump up so now is the time to get in for our special launch price of $29.99 – plus you can add a second month on for only $1.99.

PPS – There is NO RISK if you buy The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program today because we offer a 30 Day money back guarantee.  After you’ve read all the information,  tried the workouts and meal plan program and you’re not satisfied with your results then all you have to do is ask for your money back and it’s yours.


Barbara Vinciguerra, MS , NASM-PES

Jill Monaco, MPT, NASM-PES

Creators of “The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program”

NOTE: No physical product will be shipped. The 30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Program is 100% downloadable. Since the “30 Day Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan Program” is individualized for you after you place your order within 24 hours you will be sent directly to the download page so you can start utilizing all the valuable information immediately.